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Touching Hearts
Igniting Souls
Challenging Minds

The Institute of Jewish Knowledge and Learning is a welcoming community that offers a wide variety of learning experiences with some of the world’s best Jewish educators in an affordable and accessible way.

Transformative Jewish learning and living

 How To Participate in IJKL Programs

There are several ways you can participate in IJKL programming. We offer a variety of IJKL Class Passes to fit your learning needs including A-La-Carte, Annual and Automatic Monthly Class Passes.

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With the A-La-Carte Class Pass you sign up and pay for only the courses that are of special interest to you.
Class Pass ANNUAL.png
With the Annual Unlimited Class Pass you have access to all regularly scheduled programming, all of the videos and discounted pricing for special events.
Class Pass AUTOMATIC.png
With the Automatic Monthly Class Pass you have access to all of the Annual Class Pass benefits but pay monthly rate either by automatic credit card or bank payment.
Class Pass ONE DAY TRIAL.png
The single day class pass gives you access to all the IJKL offerings for a 24 hour period, and it includes access to all of our videos and to any class scheduled during these  24 hours.

Our Values

We provide a loving environment for our community & help build a solid spiritual and theological foundation for those seeking in-depth Jewish study, connectedness, and holiness.

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We seek to honor the integrity of the texts and traditions we study and teach. We also yearn to validate each person's perspective, questions and insights with the same commitment and level of depth.
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We are pluralistic and help each member identify and cultivate their unique Jewish identity.

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We believe Jewish learning inspires Jewish living. We seek to empower everyone to discover how.
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Jewish learning has always been a team sport and we honor that heritage through building a learning community where each person is a teacher and a student. 

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We believe Jewish learning inspires us to be our best selves and see ourselves and others created in the image of the Divine.

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According to the sages there are four levels of Jewish text interpretations. We learn the p'shat (literal meaning) and dig deeper to discover the mystical teachings and profound wisdom that lie beneath the surface.

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We see every person regardless of gender, religion, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation or background as a sacred partner in creating our learning community.

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