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A Journey into the Beauty of Jewish Learning

IJKL is proud to partner with

Temple Kol Ami EmanuEL

and serve as the Adult Jewish Education provider


Included on this page are programs that are free for your participation.Please note that your registration for the classes are required.  Visit our main website to learn more about IJKL and our programming.


To enter the IJKL Main Zoom Room - click on the link on the website homepage. The passcode 033402 is listed below the "button."

We look forward to seeing you in the IJKL Zoom Room!

Go to for a complete listing our programs! Call Kim at 954-249-8290.

Mussar Series with Dr. Jason Appt - TKAE



8 weekly sessions starting Monday, Jan. 4th from 7:00 PM - 8:15 PM

Mussar is a Jewish spiritual practice that gives concrete instructions on how to live a meaningful and ethical life. Cultivate soul qualities (middot) of patience, silence/careful speech, compassion, lovingkindness, trust, equanimity, and gratitude.


For Members

For Guests





More info and RSVP
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