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Budapest & Bucharest - Temple Sinai of Hollywood



6-weekly sessions starting April 21 @ 12:30 pm

Explore the history and legends of beautiful Budapest from Pest to the largest synagogue in Europe, The Grand Dohany, and on to Szeged Keskemes and Sarvas'. We will chart over 800 years of the Hungarian Jewish experience under the shadow of Antisemitism. From Hungary, we will learn the story of Romania's Jewish community through the personal experience under the dark shadows of Communism

and its heroic Comrade Rabbi!

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In Recognition of Yom HaShoah - Holocaust Remembrance Day- Temple Sinai of Hollywood



Free community event - Holocaust Remembrance Day April 8 @ 11 am

Living in Prague, Rabbi Ron Hoffberg will shares insights and inspiration through the eyes and voices of the survivors. Rabbi Ron Hoffberg serves the Jewish community of Prague as the Masorti rabbi as well as a Professor of Jewish History. He is a very sought- after guide to Jewish Prague as well as to many other treasures of Jewish Life throughout Central Europe. He  has taken the IJKL community on a virtual tour of Prague and by popular demand will be guiding us through Hungary and Romania starting April 21st.







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