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A Journey into the Beauty of Jewish Learning
The Institute of Jewish Knowledge and learning (IJKL) is delighted to invite the students of the Academy of Jewish Religion to participate in our programming. We are proud that your teachers and graduates are included as our Faculty!
All of our programs, including our video archive, that includes Rabbi Jeffrey Segelman, Rabbi Jill Hammer and Rabbi David Paskin are accessible by registering below for the IJKL Annual ClassPass. Please note that your Class Pass and Site Membership are necessary to a register for  programs  and to access the Video Library.  Visit our main website,  to learn more about IJKL and our programming.
To enter the IJKL Main Zoom Room - click on the link on the website Zoom Menu page. 

We look forward to seeing you in the IJKL Zoom Room!

Go to for a complete listing our programs! Call Kim at 954-249-8290.

The Haggadah: Between the Lines with Rabbi Segelman-AJR



3 -week course starting Monday, March 8 @ 7 pm

Where did the four cups and the four questions and the four children come from and what do they mean?  Do we really have to hide the afikoman in a zoom seder where there are no children to find it?  What is the best maror - horseradish or romaine lettuce?  What is really going on when we pour the glass and open the door for Eiyahu?  We will discuss these and many other questions with a focus on making the seder a most meaningful and spiritual celebration.


For AJR Students

For Guests





More info and RSVP
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