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How could everything you need to know be contained in the Torah, inonly five books?  Long ago our teachers realized that the Torah islike a beautiful orchard.  From a distance you see only a field oftrees.  When you come closer, you see that each has leaves, blossoms,and fruit.  When you come even closer, you realize that a skin coverseach fruit.  And, if you are persistent and peel back the skin, yourreward is a delicious treat.  Now you realize that what at firstseemed to be only a field of trees actually conceals layers withinlayers of wonderful things.Dearest Chevrah,Amidst the counting of the Omer (today is Gevurah in Malchut) and aswe approach Chag Hashavuot, my prayer, my blessing, my yearning anddesire is to continue with "Gevurah-Strength," our pursuit of deeperwisdom and enlightenment in the Pardes - the Orchard of Torah.  OurTorah, the source book of Judaism, like an orchard conceals manywonderful and delicious surprises.Over the years, I strongly feel we have created within IJKL a unity ofpurpose and a cohesive appreciation of what "Eitz Chaim He" - "For She(Torah) is a Tree of Life," means.  Our chevra has never been stronger- our light has never shone brighter!  So as we approach Mount Sinailet us renew our desire to "hide among the trees of the orchard," tolearn and contemplate The Way (Torah) and to learn more aboutourselves.with Torah blessings, Rabbi Akiva

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The IJKL Israel Journey 2016

May 17th to May 30th

2nd Night Seder at the

Rebbe's Table - April 23rd


IJKL High Holiday Experience!

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(we will NOT be at Gan Eden)

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Throughout the year IJKL offers educational and experiential programs that inspires the soul and stimulates the mind to enhance our lives. Most are free to IJKL members.

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Founded on a broad range of Jewish thought, IJKL offers a transformative and experiential learning experience within the celebration of Jewish holidays and seasons.

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IJKL programs and education incorporate contemplation, meditation and music. We recognize the potential holiness of life and sanctify it.

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IJKL honors the richness of Judaism’s ancient and modern wisdom. We are here to help our members embrace Jewish mysticism and spirituality as part of their lives.

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